When choosing a bag, you can consider factors like:
1. Occasion:
Some bags are designed for specific occasions, like evening wear, the office, or outdoor excursions.
2. Size:
The size of the bag is important, especially if you want a bag that will last for many years.
3. Materials:
The materials used in the bag can affect its appearance. For example, wicker, straw, rattan, or canvas bags can look stylish and expensive.
4. Comfort:
The bag should be comfortable to carry and should sit balanced on your shoulders.
5. Style:
The bag should reflect your style and personality.
Other factors to consider include: Color, Weight, Pockets, Zips, Design.
You can also check the hardware to determine if a bag is high quality. For example, zippers with metal teeth are more expensive and durable than zippers with nylon coil teeth.
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How do I choose a good bag?

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